team 2b

After much deliberation...

We narrowed down our 9 proposals to these finalists

A combination of Team 1's Un-Tied and Team 8's Tindership,  the first project focuses on creating a software platform that ties small businesses and entrepreneurs with talented skilled workers and resources.  

Project 1 - Un-Tied and Tindership

Team 7's Lincubator (which is undergoing a name change to Linkubator) and Team 4's Trellis combine to create a mobile business clinic that intends to bring small business services and resources to the communities by outfitting a bus and making it a mobile business incubator.  

Project 2 - Lincubator and Trellis

Why have traditional classrooms with professors who lecture for 15 weeks?  Why not learn the Wrong Way?  Team 9's offering looks to build a Wrong University with Wrong Professors, Wrong Curriculum, Wrong Schedule, etc...  Students would have the option to learn-on-the-fly as they participate in community based projects.

Project 3 - The Wrong University

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