We used ThinkWrong Drills

to imagine a portfolio of bold, status quo–busting solutions.

Deflection Point.
We described a bold path that deflects from the status quo—shifting from the way things are to how they might be.
Matters Most.
We considered who might be most important to our success—and to whom our success might matter most.
  • Residents in Economically Depressed Communities
  • Residents in Growing Hispanic Communities
  • City Government and State Government
  • High School Graduates, Students and Teachers
  • Existing Small Business Owners
  • Women Entrepreneurs
  • Entrepreneurs of Color
  • The “Hidden” Leadership in Baltimore
  • Loyola Leadership, Faculty and Students 
  • The Media 
  • Artists and Creatives
Know Me.
We shifted our mindset to understand the people who matter most to our success—and to whom our success might matter most.
We escaped the biases, orthodoxies, and assumptions that define the status quo—and that limit the impact we might have.
Challenge the Challenge.
We encouraged building and growing a culture that questions the way things are.
Opportunity Knocks.
We quickly built a view of our portfolio of growth and value options.
La Machine.
We explored new ways of organizing and operating.
Name It.
We crafted stories for our emerging solutions to better understand how they might work and how people might experience them.
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This is what we got...

"We thoughtfully reflected on our ideas, activities, conversations, emerging solutions, and progress."

The Path Taken